Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Services

HPR Synergy specializes in miscellaneous steel detailing for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Maintaining AISC standards our team can handle simple to complex projects to meet the project objective without any production downtime. Structural Steel detailing is the most crucial part when it comes to scheduling and HPR Synergy take pride in this; we have a very strict process to deliver on-time. We go beyond the drawings to offer cost savings by following efficient detailing practices learned from the ground work for fabricators & constructors. Our structural steel detailers and checkers have decades of experience in the steel fabrication business, and produce top-quality shop drawings. We understand the detailing needs from a fabrication point of view and execute comprehensive drawings that are conformed to your unique requirements.

Miscellaneous Structures we Detail

  • Roof Frames
  • Roof Ladders
  • Stairs
  • Handrails
  • Dock Stairs
  • Girts
  • Elevator Divider Frames
  • Platforms
  • Industrial access stairs with railing
  • Safety gates
  • Foundation Bolt Arrangement Plan
  • Advanced Bill of Material (ABM)
  • Other Light Structural Steel