Many Reasons to use MBS for Metal Buildings design and detailing.

Pre-engineered Metal Building design and detailing is the most important aspect when it comes to sturdy building structures. Any Metal Buildings design, analysis, detailing, and accurate implementation assure no cracks, deflections and hold the metal building together. So, the detailing is essential for strengthening building structures.

The metal buildings detailing takes place when a contractor is assigned to the project and a steel detailer designs and details using different platforms like MBS, Tekla, and Autocad. This is a tricky situation and hence requires software that is unique and efficient for an error-free and quick output. MBS is one of the most sort software when it comes to design and detailing metal buildings for an improved construction process.

MBS for pre-engineered metal buildings design and detailing enhances the overall quality of building structure. The 3D modeling output from MBS allows the team involved to design and submit project fabrication package proficiently and cost-effectively.

HPR Synergy has a well-experienced team that has commendable knowledge on Metal buildings engineering as well as MBS tool to ensure our customers are getting the services on metal buildings beginning from engineering to the final fabrication drawings under one roof as well as under one budget. Being with an in-house engineering/design team, the overall project(Engineering to detailing) cost will become budget-friendly to our customers due to the less RFI/clarification turn-around times between design and detailing teams those who are working under one roof.

Some of the best features of MBS :

  • In MBS as the building information is updated, the program provides a drawing of the entire building shape and framing. The Building information is usually updated in less than 5 minutes, depending on the building complexity.
  • Following data entry, the program will use the database which has several codes, and prepare the complete design, detailing, and Bill of materials (BOM) as per the location of the building and Design code being used at that particular location. The BOM obtained at initial input can be considered as an estimate and can be compared with the final BOM after design competition.
  • Shop drawings are prepared for rigid frames, end wall frame members, all cold-formed members, wind framing, eave extension, canopy and facia beams and all loose connection plates. Shop drawings have menus from which both the content and format of the drawing can be set to the unique needs of the client.
  • The program automatically prepares a full set of drawings for each building.
  • If necessary, each drawing can be changed by editing the drawing input file. All drawings can be printed or plotted through software provided by MBS. Programs like AutoCAD are not necessary to plot drawings.
  • MBS software gives you an actual and exact presentation of the underlying building structure every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view along with schedules.
  • Cost is completely under control, a major factor in any business. 3D Drawings created with MBS offers you enhanced and improved construction documentation.
  • Now no more site troubles, no issue of scheduling or redrawing. You can have an inspection of the steel model from every angle for a better understanding.

HPR Synergy is the most trusted business partner for the Metal Building Industry. The foundation of our organization is built on 24/7 solid customer support, with over 300 satisfied clients on 6 continents. MBS software provides the complete Design, Detailing, Costing and Drafting of steel-framed buildings.

Our full-time team of experienced engineers and metal building professionals have been working on a various simple to complex projects across the US and Canada. Our team knows what it is like to have the site manager breathing down their neck for 3D drawings or to make the bid deadline. Our objective is to provide the necessary support and program enhancements required to allow our partners to stay ahead! Contact our experts for any questions.