Utilizing MBS in 2022: Revolutionizing PEB Design and Detailing at HPR Synergy Engineering

HPR Synergy Engineering stands as a renowned provider of PEB design and detailing services in the Metal Building Industry. Our solid foundation is rooted in the trust and support of our valued customers, boasting a track record of over 100 satisfied clients spanning the globe. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses metal building detailing, including Design, Detailing, Costing, and Drafting.

At HPR Synergy Engineering, we take pride in our team of design and detailing experts who hail from prestigious universities and bring a wealth of experience to the table. They have experienced firsthand the pressures of meeting strict deadlines and the demands of meticulous plant managers. Our primary objective is to empower our clients, equipping them with the necessary support and program enhancements to stay ahead of their competitors.

Among our notable achievements in 2022, our utilization of MBS (Metal Building Software) for designing and detailing metal buildings takes the spotlight. We made a significant investment in training our staff on MBS, resulting in the formation of a highly skilled team capable of tackling projects of any scale or complexity.

Key Features of MBS Software:


  • Over 60 US international codes
  • Detailed verification reports
  • An extensive array of design options


  • A wide selection of connection options
  • Customized reports
  • Multiple export formats


  • Compatibility with metric and imperial units
  • Full user control
  • A plethora of presentation options


  • Mezzanines
  • MBS project integration
  • Jack beams


  • Dedicated team of engineers
  • International offices
  • Years of experience

We successfully completed over 1000+ projects utilizing MBS, the globally recognized software for the Metal Building Industry. This milestone fills us with immense pride. Our experts collaborated closely, devising an exclusive workflow that caters to different metal and hybrid structures, ensuring a seamless solution from design and costing to detailing and fabrication. Our innovative approach delivers enhanced accuracy and shorter turnaround times. To delve deeper into our cutting-edge methodologies and discover how we can expedite your design and detailing projects, contact us today here

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