Love for SDS2 is Never Ending!

Structural Steel Detailing on SDS2 real-world intelligence platform increases the accuracy, speed and reliability of detailing projects. HPR Synergy has detailed huge number of structural steel projects using SDS2 software, some of which are known for their complex structure. We witnessed a 2x speed in completing the projects for our clients by using this software. It is our responsibility to tell our different stakeholders, why we prefer working on SDS2 for most of our projects. We have put together some of the premier SDS2 features for your knowledge.

Top SDS2 Features for Steel Detailing

  • Connection Automation
  • Handrails and Stairs
  • Miscellaneous & Plate
  • Live Multi-User
  • Piecemarking
  • Complex Geometry
  • Fabrication Standards
  • CNC & MRP Integration
  • Design Model Integration
  • Automate your most time-consuming tasks

Our team has detailed various structures like commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure using SDS2, the most recent project being a School in the US. Using SDS2, our engineers have done a stupendous job by completing the project on time without any errors. The Live Multi-User feature enabled our detailers to work on this project from various locations working from home due to Covid 19. The client was very ecstatic to see our uncompromised quality work on time. Having worked on so many projects using SDS2 software, HPR Synergy detailers are well versed with every feature. We recommend steel fabricators to use SDS2 for their detailing needs.

HPR Synergy is one of the few genuine license holders of SDS2. We work very closely with SDS2 teams to fight software piracy. Let us work on your next detailing project; we give you assurance, YOU WILL LOVE SDS2.